Prince Harry once got ‘blind drunk’ and triggered alarm at St James’ Palace, says soldier – Express

A former soldier has alleged that a drunken Prince Harry once set off the emergency alarm at St James’s Palace after falling down. The incident is reported to have taken place in January 2012 when Prince Harry was 27 years old.

The Sun has reported that Prince Harry once fell into a sentry box while drunk and accidentally bumped into the palace’s emergency panic alarm.

Three soldiers from the Guards Division found the Duke the Sussex on the floor in a “mess”.

It was reported that the royal was coming home after a night out while off duty and two police officers also arrived at the scene and then helped Prince Harry back to his apartment.

A former soldier who worked for the Guard Divison was part of the team that found Prince Harry said that the royal was “blind drunk”.

He said: “It was around midnight.

“An alarm went off in the guard room, but we’d never heard it before.

“One of the senior lads said it was one of the sentry boxes.

“Within a couple of minutes, three of us who were in the QRF were out the door.”

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However, the former solider has said he decided to come forward with the story after Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ was released, in which the royal claimed he killed 25 Taliban fighters.

The ex-solider said: “It’s something, as a soldier, you never talk about.

“I cringe any time anyone talks about things like that.

“Also from a political perspective, things have only just started calming down with Afghanistan and terrorism.

“Now Harry’s stoked the flames, all for the benefit of his book, it’s infuriating.” has reached out to the Duke of Sussex for comment.