Love Is Blind Opens Their Heart (and Pods) for Season Two – Vulture

Love Is Blind Opens Their Heart (and Pods) for Season Two – Vulture



As our favorite quarantine shows make a comeback (Tiger King 2 will be released in November 2022 and Too Hot to Handle comes out later this month), we are reminded that in these trying times, the only thing that really matters is true love. Okay, maybe gossiping about reality-show contestants on the internet can be No. 2 on the list after love. The messy, strangely addicting Netflix series Love Is Blind is back again for a season two. More hopeless romantics are put into “pods” that isolate them from the outside world to speed date other singles, in hopes of getting married by the time Netflix asks you if you’re still watching. Once a contestant has accepted a proposal, they will be able to see their future spouse for the first time as they plan their upcoming wedding. The show has two successful relationships from their first season that led to “I do” at the altar. But the show also left contestants heartbroken and alone at the altar as well.

While the streamer hasn’t given details on how or if this new season’s format will be different from the last, we do know that it has been cast in Chicago instead of Atlanta. Still hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, episodes will be rolled out every week beginning on Friday, February 11 just before Valentine’s Day, with five episodes to start with. The final episode airs on February 25, giving viewers plenty of time to decide if love is blind or just seen through a camera lens.